Photography is my passion – welcome to my website! I hope you enjoy the images that I’ve placed on here. Please feel free to use the ‘Contact Me‘ link which can be found at the bottom of each page and let me know what you think of  any of the images or the site itself. I look forward to reading your comments and I will endeavour to reply to your mails. As my photography is a serious hobby rather than a business please understand I may not respond immediately. Also, I intend to keep adding to this site on a regular basis so please pop back periodically to see what’s new. 

The site is arranged into a number of photography galleries under the headings as follows:

ARCHITECTURE – From a Metrolink Station in Manchester to the Foyer Stairs at The Winter Gardens in Blackpool to The Empire State Building and lots in between. Images of whole buildings and bits of buildings that I gather on my travels, a collection of some of the more pleasing and unusual shots.

THE SKY – I dabble with astrophotography, though our horribly light polluted country makes this a tricky task without travelling hundreds of miles to find a rare dark spot. I only use camera and lenses (no telescope) but a number of heavenly objects are within the scope of the serious amateur if you know where to look. Amongst the collection are early days shots of the Andromeda Galaxy and The Orion Nebula (I hope to massively improve on these given more time in darker and clearer skies). There are also images of the sun showing sunspots (please don’t do this yourselves as you may permanently damage your eyesight) and during eclipses. And we mustn’t forget The Moon.

THINGS THAT FLY  – Vulcan, Concorde, The Red Arrows, Hawker Hunters, Lancaster, Spitfire, SR-71 Blackbird, A380s, Robins, Cormorants and Blue Bottles all qualify equally for a spot in this photography gallery.

SCENES  – Rainbows, Foggy Days, The Lake District, Watery Reflections, Bridges, Skyscrapers, Bolton Town Hall, St Saviour’s Church Ringley and a Walk in the Woods all feature here.

PEOPLE  – Street Photography, Scarborough Surfer, School Proms, 1940’s Weekends, Playing in a Brass Band or having a swift pint after playing in a brass band.

NATURE  – There is nothing nicer than going for a spring/summer walk with your long lens or macro lens to photograph the animals, birds and insects. Winter and Autumn have their place too with the golden leaves and frost contributing to some lovely images.

MACHINES  – Quite often a study of part of a machine can be more interesting than the view of the whole machine. Here we have Steam Turbines, Steam Engines (including The Flying Scotsman), Concorde, The Space Shuttle, a Saturn V Rocket Engine ,  the Anderton Boat Lift and more.

PANORAMAS  – Some views just beg to be captured in their full panoramic beauty. A dozen or so overlapping images and some clever software to stitch them together and away you go. Just a few of the dozens of these that I have done over the years. (Corsewall, Port Patrick, Port William, Bamburgh and London).

OTHER STUFF  – Anything else that I haven’t been able to justify in the other galleries including an entry into a Heritage Lottery Fund Photography Competition (Bobbins (Lancashire Cotton Once Available in Every Colour Imaginable. –  )) which I’m chuffed to say came 6th.

If you further click on the image sliders within the galleries you can then have slideshow presentation, thumbnails and descriptions can be turned on or off as required.